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Capture & Create Rich Content

  • Create beautiful comments & case descriptions with the integrated Rich Text + Markdown hybrid editor.
  • Attach files & images to comments & cases.
  • Copy & paste content from web pages, without losing formatting.
Example comment with rich textRich text editor toolbar

Visualize Status

  • Board view shows you everything that's ready, in-progress, ready for review, and complete.
  • Color & icons for case types, lists, and statues. So you can see what's what, quickly.
Kanban board screenshot

First-class Email Integration

  • TaskBump lets you organize & get things done without email. But not everyone that you interface with will be using it, or want to use it.
  • Send & receive emails directly from TaskBump
Send Email formEmail received by Gmail

Stay Organized with Lists

  • Organize your cases by lists, with colors for easy identification
Lists & Labels

Take Notes

  • Keep your personal notes with tasks. No need for a notepad or separate notes program.
Private case & task notesMy Cases tooltip

Don't Repeat Yourself

  • A list of similar cases is displayed automatically when adding a new case.
  • Keep your todo list clean, and save time.
Similar cases search results

Stay Informed

  • Notifications ensure you don't miss a thing.
  • Instant updates across your browser tabs & devices.
  • Desktop Notifications. See what's been happening with popups. Even when you're not looking at TaskBump.
  • Get email updates for when you don't have TaskBump open.
  • Simples & easy time tracking. See when someone else is working on a case.
Notifications icon with badgeDesktop Notifications popupNotifications dropdown list

Save time

  • TaskBump is built to be fast. Don't waste time waiting for pages to load.
  • Key shortcuts for common tasks.
  • Link related cases easily.
Keyboard shortcuts guide

Drag & Drop

  • Drag cases around on the board from one column to another.
  • Order the Approved, In-Progress, and Review columns manually.
Kanban board drag & drop

Search & Find Cases

  • Search results as soon as you start typing.
  • Navigate search results with the keyboard.
  • Get a preview of cases as you navigate the results.
Search ResultsCase preview popup

Easy Time Tracking

  • Click "Start" or "Stop" on any case to track time against the case.
  • Always see which case you're working on.
  • Review what you've worked on & jump quickly to the case details.
Start time trackingCurrent caseInterval list

Jump around quickly

  • Hit g to pull up the Quick Navigate dialog. Start typing the name of a project or list and hit Enter to jump to it.
Quick navigate dialog

Invite Others Easily

  • Get your friends or coworkers using TaskBump.
  • Just enter an email address and they'll be working alongside you in no time.
Invite users menu linkInvite user by emailInvite email in Gmail

Fix Your Mistakes

  • Edit comments after you have left them
  • Accidently comment on the wrong case? Move it to the correct case.
Edit comment buttonEdit comment formMove comment dialog

See What's New

  • View a list of the most recently edited cases. Link colors tell you if you've looked at them since the last edit.
Activity page